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Our magazines and newspapers have won three European and more than 30 UK awards in the past five years. During that time our titles have twice been named the country’s best employee publication.

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From finding stories to organising delivery we offer a complete publications service including writing, design, photography and print. We work in hard copy and online formats ranging from annual reports to overnight newspapers.

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Pressgang has been in business more than 25 years with clients including Rolls-Royce, the Cabinet Office, Iceland Foods, British Airways, the Department for Business, G4S, Centrica Energy, Bupa and the Home Office.

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The malaise of verbal flatulence

By Pressgang Editor Ian Pickering   A bloke called Pete came round to fix our leaky roof the other day. He trained as a brickie and used to call himself a builder. Now, he has a flashy new website on which he describes himself as a construction solutions specialist. Whatever that is. All that seems […]

Switching channels

It’s often said about satellite telly that it just takes longer to find out there’s nothing worth watching. The choice of so many channels can be a headache for internal communications professionals, too. So what works and what doesn’t? Sorry, there is no easy answer. And indeed, that’s not even the right question. Whether you […]

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