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Tuesday, 15th April 2014

Our reporter visits the energy frontline

My two-year-old boy is a big Bob the Builder fan and he would have loved my first visit to a thermal power station to write a feature. Safety comes first when it comes to working at Centrica Energy’s Brigg power station as I quickly learned on my arrival at security where I was required to […]


Friday, 14th February 2014

My day at Iceland – the store not the country!

When I was invited to spend the day at Iceland’s Chelmsford store I never expected to find myself bag packing or fending off conspiracy theories, but we ‘Pressgangers’ do like to get under the skin of our clients. The feature was a simple ‘how do you prepare for Christmas trading?’ whereby I would go along […]


Saturday, 4th January 2014

Another seven awards

We’ve just picked up another seven awards from the Institute of Internal Communication. Brilliant! But where are they all going to go? In the past five years we’ve won more than 35 awards including IoIC gold for the UK’s best employee publication (G4S) and the FEIEA European Grand Prix for best colleague newspaper in Europe […]


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