Pressgang Blog : Margot Nowinska

Wednesday, 25th February 2015

Energy goes digital

The Energy, a monthly newspaper for Centrica Energy, has a new digital home. The newspaper is edited, written and designed by Pressgang. Now a great new app has been developed in partnership with YuDu that allows Centrica employees secure online access to The Energy and other Centrica publications. The publications are stored in easy-to-navigate categories, […]


Saturday, 20th December 2014

Queen Lisa

Scientifically tested, clinically proven, but the jury is still out. Oh no it isn’t! Oh yes it is! The undisputed queen of our mince pies bonanza is Lisa. The silver medal goes to our dear Shirley. The best of the supermarket pies were ——(awaiting brown envelopes stuffed with fivers).


Wednesday, 17th December 2014

Spies from the land of Min

Short and sweet….. No, not this blog – the pastry on the delicious and dainty mince pies baked by Pressgang’s own domestic goddess Lisa. True to our seasonal tradition, started many years ago by Shirley, we are charting the 3Ds (delicious, dainty, delectable) of a variety of mince pies. We have tested the mince pies […]