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Friday, 2nd May 2014

Ee, bah goom

What’s the difference between an employer and an employee? We all know that, don’t we? The –er ending denotes the person doing whatever the verb says, in this case employing, and the –ee denotes the person to whom it is done. Think of payer, payee, or interviewer, interviewee. But then think of retirer, escaper or […]


Saturday, 4th January 2014

Bob’s Blog: Introduction

Blogs are an exercise in arrogance and futility. Who reads ‘em? Who needs ‘em? But my colleagues insist that our new website needs a blog, and since I no longer work full-time they have volunteered me for the task. Let me warn you that I am a grumpy old man. I make Victor Meldrew look […]


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