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Thursday, 31st July 2014

Proceed with caution: icon ahead

Iconic. Whatever does it mean? I’ve seen and heard the adjective applied to everything from a holiday to a burger. Usually, as in the case of a famous building, it means simply that, famous. Icon, in its original sense, just means image. If I make a painting or a sculpture of you, it’s an icon […]


Friday, 2nd May 2014

Ee, bah goom

What’s the difference between an employer and an employee? We all know that, don’t we? The –er ending denotes the person doing whatever the verb says, in this case employing, and the –ee denotes the person to whom it is done. Think of payer, payee, or interviewer, interviewee. But then think of retirer, escaper or […]


Tuesday, 15th April 2014

Our reporter visits the energy frontline

My two-year-old boy is a big Bob the Builder fan and he would have loved my first visit to a thermal power station to write a feature. Safety comes first when it comes to working at Centrica Energy’s Brigg power station as I quickly learned on my arrival at security where I was required to […]


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