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Friday, 9th January 2015

One shell of a story

This Christmas I was lucky enough to cover a feel-good story fit for a John Lewis advert. It goes to show that writing internal communications news is not just about the latest CEO and IS innovation. While carrying out a beach clean in Cumbria, an environmental conservationist from energy giant Centrica came across a remarkable […]


Monday, 29th September 2014

Bringing home the bacon

When I first told people I had decided to leave the ‘land of opportunity’ and start a new life back in blighty, everyone naturally asked “Why?” “I miss proper bacon,” was my immediate response, which came as little surprise to those who know me (and for those who don’t, I’m a butcher’s daughter). While I […]


Thursday, 31st July 2014

Proceed with caution: icon ahead

Iconic. Whatever does it mean? I’ve seen and heard the adjective applied to everything from a holiday to a burger. Usually, as in the case of a famous building, it means simply that, famous. Icon, in its original sense, just means image. If I make a painting or a sculpture of you, it’s an icon […]


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