Our reporter visits the energy frontline

Tuesday, 15th April 2014

My two-year-old boy is a big Bob the Builder fan and he would have loved my first visit to a thermal power station to write a feature.

Safety comes first when it comes to working at Centrica Energy’s Brigg power station as I quickly learned on my arrival at security where I was required to sit through a 30-minute video and test on procedures.

To my relief I passed the test and was then shepherded to reception for a quick debriefing from the project leader on the £1.7 million upgrade, which involved installing four 20-metre chimney stacks. It was then time to don hard hat, overalls and goggles for my plant tour.

I could immediately see why Centrica is so hot on safety when I got outside. The site was a hive of activity with the arms of giant cranes whirring above me and sparks flying from steel frames as they were welded together by workers.

The cube-like hollow sections of the chimneys were strewn around like huge pieces of Meccano waiting to be lifted into place. Seeing the technology up close gave me a much clearer idea of the complicated process involved in producing energy from gas.

I grilled my tour leader and the contractors as they worked to find out exactly what was going on but before I knew it it was time to catch my train back to London.

I can’t wait to get back out on site again and learn some more!

Steve Turner

Steve Turner

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