Award-winning title fit for heroes

Friday, 5th September 2014

When a company has suffered tough times it’s important front-line employees act as ambassadors for your brand and tell your story.

Security giant G4S has been the target of damaging political and media criticism in recent years that has overshadowed the fact its people are doing good jobs day in, day out.

More than that, G4S is a company with way more than its fair share of heroes – real heroes, the kind that put their lives at risk for the sake of others, not those singled out for purely championing a company’s policies.

Saving people from burning buildings, pulling the injured from traffic accidents, persuading would-be suicide victims to step away from the brink . . . these are the stock in trade for G4S workers.

And by reflecting their stories in the Pressgang-produced company newspaper The Link helps restore pride and gives ammunition against the public detractors.

It also makes the paper a compelling read, one of the major reasons why this year’s Best Employee Newspaper award of Excellence is the fifth in a row for the bi-monthy tabloid, also published in online and app versions.

It is the current holder of the title of the Institute of Internal Communication’s Best Company Newspaper title and, say judges of the 2014 award, “clearly strikes a chord with its large target audience”.

Steve Turner

Steve Turner

What do you love about your job? Summing up a 1500 word feature in a six-word headline.