Bringing home the bacon

Monday, 29th September 2014

When I first told people I had decided to leave the ‘land of opportunity’ and start a new life back in blighty, everyone naturally asked “Why?”

“I miss proper bacon,” was my immediate response, which came as little surprise to those who know me (and for those who don’t, I’m a butcher’s daughter).

While I was unashamedly serious about my cravings for home-cured rashers, it was the pull of family that actually spurred my return.

You see Australia is an incredible place, but jeez it’s far away. So after four years of putting numerous proverbial shrimps on the barbie, I came home.

Well, I came to London – which is still 250 miles from home, but I feel like that’s splitting hairs now – and to Pressgang.

I’m a month into my new position writing/editing and I’m feeling very lucky to have found such a fantastic company to work for – in all respects. The team’s passion for producing innovative and engaging publications is infectious and everyone pulls together to go that extra mile.

I’ve already had the chance to write about a range of subjects from aeroplane engines to beatboxing – and have even interviewed everyone’s favourite six-pack, Peter Andre!

So I may have left one land of opportunity, but I’ve happily found myself in another here at Pressgang. Bacon sandwich anyone?

Lisa Higginson

Lisa Higginson

Tell us something unusual about yourself? I was once secretary of the Cumberland Sausage Association, which spearheaded the successful campaign to secure Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status for the humble banger. What makes you tick? Good beer, good food, family and friends (not necessarily in that order!) What do you love about your job?  Meeting remarkable people and sharing their's a privilege. What makes you cry?  Over-cooked steak.

If you were a font what would you be?  Bradley Hand ITC. It's functional, with a touch of individuality.