Energy goes digital

Wednesday, 25th February 2015

The Energy, a monthly newspaper for Centrica Energy, has a new digital home.

The newspaper is edited, written and designed by Pressgang. Now a great new app has been developed in partnership with YuDu that allows Centrica employees secure online access to The Energy and other Centrica publications.

The publications are stored in easy-to-navigate categories, with the latest issue of The Energy displayed on the home page, and back issues available in a subscriber-friendly format.

The app offers an enhanced experience to readers of The Energy by incorporating videos, email feedbacks and corporate links.

The app content can be accessed when the user is off-line. And a range of reporting capabilities allows management teams to preview the number of subscribers viewing each publication, including the number of times each page is viewed.  This is a great way of instantly measuring the popularity of a particular issue and the reasons for it.

Pressgang has collaborated with Yudu on other digital publications, and the Centrica Energy app is the second to offer controlled access to Centrica employees.

We are sure that the app will be a much-used communication tool, and are looking forward to adding other publications to it.


Margot Nowinska

Margot Nowinska

Whom do you most admire? So far – Ernest Shackleton and Marie Curie-Sklodowska. What excites you about work? Selecting biscuits from M&S. Negotiating with purchasing departments, haggling with suppliers. Burning ambition? To retire at 75 and have a Huf Haus. Working on it. Tell us something unusual about yourself? I can navigate a 60-foot canal boat through the eye of a needle, or equally narrow canal, without touching a blade of grass on the bank. If you were a font... Geneva. Neat, civilised and foreign.