The Link gets a digital little sister

Friday, 6th March 2015

The UK’s best employee newspaper has been given an online-makeover.

The Link, produced for security and outsourcing giants G4S, is the country’s most successful colleague newspaper. Three times in the last six years it has been voted as such by the Institute of Internal Communication.

Now the 20-page newsy tabloid has got a little sister.

Pressgang Head of Design Liz Owens has reconfigured the main publication to make it more accessible to online readers.

“Reading a newspaper online, particularly on mobile devices, is often not a great experience,” she said.

“The new design changes all of that, without losing the tabloid feel that has made The Link so successful.

“It has the same content but in a package that’s ideally suited to tablet devices.

”The front page echoes that of the paper, but with links to the best stories from every part of the business.

“The big news stories are given full-page hero treatment and embedded videos bring key messages to life.”

Working with partner Yudu, Pressgang’s new-look Link is a cost effective way of putting a much-loved hard copy publication online to engage a wider audience, while offering the client the possibility of considerable savings through reduced print and distribution costs.

It also has social media functionality enabling the G4S PR team to make the most of the great stories unearthed by Pressgang editor Alan Ratcliffe.

The latest issue includes stories about:

– a royal visit to the UK’s largest prison run by G4S

– praise for a G4S team in the aftermath of the Glasgow bin lorry tragedy

– security officers who saved a man from drowning in the River Mersey

– the red carpet premiere of a film telling the real-life story of a G4S medical officer who found himself trapped in an Afghan minefield.

Steve Turner

Steve Turner

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