In the case of Print v Digital, the jury is still out

Friday, 4th March 2016

“Like all sensible journalists I recognise that the future for our trade is digital.”

So says media commentator and former Daily Mirror editor Roy Greenslade.

In a piece in The Standard he goes on to add: “But the reality is we’re living in the present. And the present is both digital and print.”

Pressgang has a newspaper heritage, and still produces the country’s best employee tabloids, but we also produce well-read digital publications for most of our clients.

We don’t champion one format at the expense of another: we champion the needs of our readers to receive information in the way they prefer.

Sitting at a desk all day or visiting clients and working from a tablet or laptop? An app or ezine is just the thing.

Sitting in a van all day or working outdoors? A newspaper that doesn’t need charging and isn’t a costly tragedy if you drop it into a puddle is the answer.

A combination of both, of course, is the ideal solution.

Roy, writing in the week that New Day – described as the first new standalone national daily for 30 years – was published, makes another valid argument.

Only printed publications, he says, bring in sufficient income to fund the quality journalism and in-depth news coverage that British readers have come to expect.

And, as we always say here at Pressgang: content is king, and will always remain so.

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Steve Turner

Steve Turner

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