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Wednesday, 22nd June 2016

A whole new View

The second issue of our web edition of The View has just been published.

Produced for Saint-Gobain, The View offers strategy insights told through the employees of the building materials, manufacturing and distribution company.

With photo galleries, scrolling text, live links, video and story slideshows, it replaces the previous hard copy magazine with the aim of reaching more colleagues, more quickly with more rich content.

Pressgang editor Natalie Li said: “It’s still early days but we’ve already received positive and useful feedback on the new-look web version. Readers have commented on the ease and accessibility of the online format.

“Story and image slideshows on health and safety initiatives through to charity achievements proved popular.”

In addition to online stats that record readership, each issue carries a short interactive survey to measure response to specific stories.

Said Natalie: “Gathering reader feedback is paramount in refining and improving the publication – this will help us to continue to deliver a user-friendly format packed with strong, interactive content.”

Iceland . . . defrosted

Iceland People, produced for colleagues of the frozen food retailer, has undergone a radical makeover. In the past 18 months it has changed from a tabloid newspaper, to an A4 newsletter and now to an A4 news magazine.

In doing so it has helped to reinforce the changing face of the company itself, its TV advertising and its in-store appearance.

It aims to give front-line teams the knowledge they need to engage customers in new product ranges and echo the messages of quality and value for money, ultimately helping the company to change the perception of frozen food.

It also explains the thinking behind big operational changes and how they will affect colleagues as the company continues to embrace the challenges of a tough marketplace.

Laura Ellis, Iceland’s operational change manager, reported that the new design from Pressgang’s Liz Owens had gone down well. She said: “ Liz’s new design is just brilliant and is turning heads up here – just what we wanted.”

Story of the week

Our app publication The Link for G4S has an enviable supply of hard news stories that have helped to make it the most-awarded company publication of the past six years.

And the June issue is no different. We were unable to choose between the employee who, despite having a broken arm, rugby tackled a man trying to stab a pregnant woman; the airport security officer who spotted a woman trying to bring a baby into the UK without its parents’ knowledge; or the eagle-eyed CCTV operator whose quick thinking prevented a sex assault and helped police find and arrest aman and woman who were later jailed.

Headline of the week


The headline above a story about Jewson branch manager Terry Mullholland who changed his lifestyle and lost 42lb in weight.

Rant of the week

Our editorial director Steve Turner is not normally one to rage against the small irritations of life. Everyday occurrences such as those who get to the rail barrier and THEN start searching for their ticket, or the people who leave their car at the petrol pump while doing THE WEEK’S SHOPPING in the garage shop, barely warrant a mention.

So it was a complete surprise to hear him complain at length that a pub near the office was boasting that its pies were ‘iconic’, ie worthy of veneration, and how a poster stating ‘Burt Bacharach – LIVE ON STAGE’ made him dread to think what would be the alternative state for the songwriter to appear before an audience.

He did concede however, that Burt might be considered an iconic figure in popular music history.

Steve Turner

Steve Turner

What do you love about your job? Summing up a 1500 word feature in a six-word headline.