The Great Pressgang Sarnie Off

Wednesday, 21st December 2016

Change is the one constant across the world right now.

And here at Pressgang it’s no different.

In a controversial move we switched our traditional December taste test away from mince pies, a part of our festive build-up for more than 15 years, to Christmas sandwiches.

You know, those lunchtime snacks designed to give you a Christmas Day ‘all the trimmings’ experience between two pieces of bread. Wholemeal, of course.

We sampled the offering of eight suppliers, looking at overall taste, freshness of bread, size, variety and quality of filling and, crucially, any evidence of soggy bottoms (in the sandwiches).

The result? The sarnie we sampled from EAT emerged top. Admittedly the price – £3.95 – was a little hard to swallow but our judges praised its succulent and ample filling, fresh bread and appetising appearance. A festive feast right there in your hand.

At almost a shiny pound coin cheaper, the Tesco Finest offering came second, making it the best in terms of what you can buy with the lunch money mummy gave you when you left for work this morning.

At the foot of the table came Starbucks, whose stars per buck rating suffered as a result of its dry bread and bland taste.

The results in full:

1. EAT

2. Tesco

3. Costa

4. Sainsbury’s

5. M&S

6. Boots

7. Pret

8. Starbucks

LISA SAYS: Pressgang’s resident foodie (and butcher’s daughter) Lisa Higginson says: “For me, creating the perfect Christmas sandwich means carving thick slices of cold turkey, spreading wholemeal bread with good quality butter, adding a couple of slices of freshly cooked smoked bacon, crumbling over some leftover stuffing and finishing off with a condiment of your choice. I’m not a mayo fan, so I’d go for a bit of Christmas chutney. And, because it’s Christmas, wash it down with a hoppy pale ale!”

LEAF IT OUT! The appearance of spinach in several sarnies made our judges go pop-eyed. Apart from veggies, who has salad leaves with their roast turkey?