Who we are

We’re not spin doctors – we don’t regard employee publications as part of an organisation’s PR effort – but we are the aspirin of corporate communications: we take away your headache.
From finding the stories to distributing the final product, you can leave as much or as little, of the job to us as suits your sanity and your budget.
And what’s more, we enjoy it! When it comes to communications we are passionate but not precious, disciplined but not inflexible, creative but not pretentious.

“There are lots of words I would use to describe the capability, service and attitude of the team: creative, tenacious, accurate, accommodating, flexible, adaptable, friendly and bossy when needed are just some of them! I very much see them as an extension of my team, they understand and got under the skin of our business from the moment we started working together and nothing is ever too much trouble.”- Mairi Probin, Internal Communications and Engagement Manager, Iceland Foods

We thrive on great stories, dynamic design, eye-popping photographs and, believe it or not, we even get a kick out of hitting deadlines. Fuelled by biscuits and the occasional trip ‘across the road’ we believe producing credible publications should be fun.
In an idle moment one of our team came up with the following, by way of introduction:

P is for prizes. We’ve won more than 35 industry awards in the last five years.
R is for reliable. We’ve never been responsible for missing a deadline.
E is for experience. We were created by national newspaper journalists more than 25 years ago.
S is for sweet tooth. We find a biscuit or two gets the creative juices flowing.
S is for sugaring the pill. We’ll wrap your corporate news in human interest stories.
G is for get up and go. Need an overnight publication? Give us a call.
A is for attention to detail. We take care of all the niggly bits so you don’t have to.
N is for numbers. We’ll manage your budget and your mailing list.
G is for gang. Our writers and photographers can cover any story at any time in any place.

Our Team

Steve Turner

Steve Turner

What do you love about your job? Summing up a 1500 word feature in a six-word headline.

Who’s your professional idol? Woody Allen: still writing, still funny, still relevant and still crazy after all these years.

What makes you tick? The key in my back. Oh, and Panama hats.

In five words how would a colleague describe you? Depends which colleague: grey (Ellen); tyrant (Graham); bonny lad (Lee); Dad (Ben).

If you were a font... Frutiger. Elegant yet slightly rounded; bold italic after a few sherries.

Bob Ireland

Bob Ireland

Who’s your professional idol? My first editor, Eric Price of the Western Daily Press, sadly no longer with us. A great journalist.

Who would play you in a movie? John Belushi, perhaps? Truth is there’s no one ugly enough. What about that chap from The Elephant Man?

Burning ambition? To retire at 50. Bugger! Too late!

Tell us something unusual about yourself? I once played Hamlet in front of several thousand people. I am licensed to drive a tank and fly light aircraft.

If you were a font... Six-pint italic.

Margot Nowinska

Margot Nowinska

Whom do you most admire? So far – Ernest Shackleton and Marie Curie-Sklodowska.

What excites you about work? Negotiating with purchasing departments, haggling with suppliers and selecting biscuits from M&S.

Burning ambition? To retire at 75 and have a Huf Haus. Working on it.

Tell us something unusual about yourself? I can navigate a 60-foot canal boat through the eye of a needle, or equally narrow canal, without touching a blade of grass on the bank.

If you were a font... Geneva. Neat, civilised and foreign.

Lisa Higginson

Lisa Higginson

Tell us something unusual about yourself? I was once secretary of the Cumberland Sausage Association, which spearheaded the successful campaign to secure Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status for the humble banger.

What makes you tick? Good beer, good food, family and friends (not necessarily in that order!)

What do you love about your job?  Meeting remarkable people and sharing their stories...it's a privilege.

What makes you cry?  Over-cooked steak.

If you were a font what would you be?  Bradley Hand ITC. It's functional, with a touch of individuality.

Graham Clark

Graham Clark

What makes you tick? My family.

Who would play you in a movie? Jack Lemmon or Michael Caine.

Burning ambition? Best seats for the New Year’s Day concert given by the Vienna Philharmonic in the Large Hall of the Musikverein concert hall

What makes you laugh? The ‘Vessel with the Pestle’ sketch from the Danny Kaye film The Court Jester

If you were a font, which would you be? Compact and confident, with clarity and character - Superstar is just my type

Liz Owens

Liz Owens

What do you love about your job? I love the challenge of designing imaginative content that is relevant to its purpose. And the great selection of biscuits on offer!

In three words how would a colleague describe you? Inventive, organized, hardworking.

Tell us something unusual about yourself? My brother is the bassist in folk band Noah and The Whale.

What makes you laugh? Rude jokes, people who don’t take life too seriously. And Miranda Hart!

If you were a font... Futura; Logical yet creative.

Natalie Li

Natalie Li

If you were a font what would you be?  Garamond. It’s soft and rounded. Comic Sans… if I’m feeling silly. What do you love most about your job?  I love chatting to people and bringing their stories to life. Burning ambition?  To conquer my fear of heights and complete the last two stages of the Go Ape treetop adventure in Thetford. I’d also love to learn how to play my ukulele (which is gathering dust!). What makes you laugh?  Silly puns, Johnny Nice Painter from The Fast Show and Irish comedian Sharon Horgan. Tell us something unusual about yourself.  I was once a hand model for a SeaFrance advert. It involved holding six champagne glasses in one hand for three hours.
Alan Ratcliffe

Alan Ratcliffe

Who do you most admire? My wife – for her endless patience in putting up with me (12 years and counting!), kindness and ability to juggle work, husband and our two daughters.

What do you love about your job? Speaking to people from all backgrounds and walks of life and helping to share their remarkable stories.

Who would play you in a movie? Kevin James.

What makes you cry? I’m a Liverpool supporter.

If you were a font... Arial. Straightforward, versatile and, as my wife would no doubt add, easy to read.