Case studies

For communications professionals, Pressgang offers all the skills you need to produce engaging and credible publications. You can choose to use those skills individually: a writer for your intranet or employee publication, a proof reader to put your mind at rest , a photographer – anywhere in the country, an editor to advise you on the best way to communicate with your people, a designer to turn your content into a dynamic publication. Or you may be looking for a full service and want us to take care of everything from finding the stories to distribution. You will find us flexible, reliable, quick and value for money.


The right message, the right messenger

 "Design  in  the  absence  of  content  is  not  design,  it's  decoration" 


Online and on paper

 Business  messages  wrapped  in  human  stories 


Accurate, engaging, credible

 ‘Editors  are  people  who  sort  the  wheat  from  the  chaff  ...  and  then  print  the  chaff’ 


Understanding the message and the audience

Project Management

Keeping you on time and on budget

 ‘You  don't  take  a  photograph,  you  make  it’ 


Good with cameras, good with people