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Online and on paper

Design should never say, ‘Look at me.’ It should always say, ‘Look at this.’

That basic fact is one that governs Pressgang’s design philosophy in all its projects: magazines, newspapers, e-zines, iPad publications, corporate brochures, annual reports and promotional posters.
The aim of our designs is to get your communication noticed, while the aim of our content is to get it remembered. It’s a partnership – a marriage of beauty and substance.
Our designers are passionate about their craft and draw on a wide range of influences to create bespoke publications. They do not work to templates that may take little heed of the amount or sort of content to be handled.

Great headlines and lively design make Merchant Matters an attractive magazine. The great cover shot is excellent in adding to its pick-up appeal.- IoIC Judge, News Magazine Award of Excellence 2013
There’s no effort required to look at and read The Link and that is one of the highest compliments that can be paid it.- IoIC Judge, Best Employee Newspaper, 2013

Our designs are very much content-led: we will not propose a series of pages with wonderful photographs each with 50 words of text if, in all likelihood, we are going to have to accommodate half a dozen stories on an A4 page with images submitted by an employee with a cheap camera.
So we look to mix coffee table style with canteen table practicality.

But within that approach we work hard to give content the best possible chance of being read:

  • High impact covers that scream: ‘Pick me up and read me’
  • Bold pages, making the most of the good pictures at our disposal to create a series of display pages that hold the reader’s attention
  • Making full use of the interactivity and functionality offered by digital channels changes of pace that hurries or slows the eye through the publication
  • Absolute clarity about where stories start and end and a clear hierarchy of elements to guide the reader around the page – especially important for newspapers
  • Creative use of corporate branding that works to avoid the impression that a communication is ‘selling’ a message to employees in the same way it sells products to customers
  • Imaginative use of graphics and infographics.

More Case studies

 ‘Editors  are  people  who  sort  the  wheat  from  the  chaff  ...  and  then  print  the  chaff’ 


Understanding the message and the audience

 ‘You  don't  take  a  photograph,  you  make  it’ 


Good with cameras, good with people


The right message, the right messenger