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The right message, the right messenger

Pressgang has been a leading player in the world of corporate communications for well over 25 years.

Our clients past and present include British Airways, Bupa, Iceland Foods, Jewson, Rolls-Royce, Centrica Energy, the Home Office, Cabinet Office, Department for Business and Skills and G4S.
Our readers range from nuclear scientists to builders’ merchants, from retail assistants to geophysicists.
We are skilled at producing communications that get our clients’ messages read. Our reader survey figures are consistently among he highest in the industry and we have won 35 UK and European awards in the past 10 years.
We’ve never been responsible for missing a deadline. We employ real journalists and award-winning designers.

Pressgang impressed us from the start when they took a couple of pages of our old employee newspaper and reworked it in their style. Content is chosen and presented on its merit and written in an engaging and informal style. Photoshoots capture the essence of the stories. Site visits by the writer make our employees feel valued and involved. And the design evolves with the paper to ensure we are never standing still. Pressgang’s enthusiasm for our business, attention to detail, professionalism and friendly nature make them a real pleasure to work with. We are a complex company with many different businesses, communications teams and contributors involved in each issue and Pressgang do an excellent job of managing multiple approvals and mailing lists for us. But best of all they help us to achieve our objectives, as we are regularly contacted by new employees who are really impressed with our paper and who explain how they are now better able to understand the breadth of our company and are proud to be part of it.- Jenny Brookman, Internal Communication Manager, G4S UK & Ireland

In short: we know what we’re doing. Now follow our 10-step route to a successful communication:
1. The purpose
Every communication, from a poster to an iPad magazine, needs a clearly-defined purpose. Our editors can help you refine your key messages, identify your primary audiences and advise on the best way to reach them.

2. Planning
Our project managers keep publications on time and on budget. Our tracking system allows clients to monitor the progress of their project 24 hours a day. Our schedules provide a framework within which creativity can flourish, and that’s robust enough to ensure deadlines are met but flexible enough to cater for changing corporate and news agendas.

3. Writing and content gathering
Our journalists establish contacts across client organisations in order to find the stories that illustrate corporate themes. News-stand and corporate training means we take the most complex of subject and turn them into engaging, human stories. Our writers and editors are experienced and confident enough to employ the firm diplomacy required to secure copy sign off . . . without ruffling too many feathers.

4. Photography
Our network of photographers can be at any place at any time across the UK and guaranteed to get vibrant images, from the boardroom handshake to the offshore drilling rig. In recent years Pressgang has twice won the national Best Photograph accolade from the Institute of Internal Communication and also secured the Best in Europe title.

5. Design
Our design team produces dynamic publications, both online and on paper, in styles ranging from the coffee table to the canteen table. They marry contemporary looks with a practical, content-led approach that gives corporate messages the best possible chance of being read.

6. Sub editing and proof reading
Our experienced subs are responsible for checking all copy, writing headlines and captions, adding that final touch of editorial sparkle, while our proof reading service eliminates the possibility of error.

7. Client approval
We work closely with our clients to understand their preferences and sensitivities. We strive to provide a ‘right first time’ editorial and design service that minimises amends at proof stage. Changes can be given to us in any format and we will ensure all approvals are in place before proceeding to publish.

8. Publishing
Digital communications are provided to meet client IT requirements and checked to test all interactive elements. Online publications can be hosted and distributed on behalf of clients if required. Printed publications are handled by our partner print houses, selected and benchmarked for quality, flexibility, price and environmental credentials.

9. Distribution
We work with long-established distribution houses that handle the delivery of publications from bulk drops to major client sites to individual addresses worldwide.

10. Testing
We are keen advocates of gathering feedback from audiences via reader panels, focus groups and surveys. We can help organise these and encourage clients to regularly test the effectiveness of their communications.

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