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Keeping you on time and on budget

Great stories, brilliant photographs, dynamic design, attention-grabbing headlines . . . how could your publication fail? Simple: by not getting it to readers in the right place and at the right time.

Project management may not be a sexy subject but it’s the glue that binds all the creative services together.
Our expertise in scheduling and our record of never missing a deadline – whether for an overnight conference publication or a company annual report creates a framework within which our writers, editors, photographers and designers can flourish.

In four years our newspaper for G4S – one of the world’s biggest and most complex companies – has never failed to deliver on time. And in that period it has twice been judged by the IoIC as the country’s best employee newspaper.
Our schedules are not straightjackets. Nor are they designed to fit around our own workload. Agreed with clients up to a year in advance, they allow flexibility to respond to changing news and corporate agendas while ensuring the consistency of delivery that is the hallmark of professional publications.

Pressgang’s enthusiasm for our business, attention to detail, professionalism and friendly nature make them a real pleasure to work with. We are a complex company with many different businesses, communications teams and contributors involved in each issue and Pressgang do an excellent job of managing multiple approvals and mailing lists for us.- Jenny Brookman, Internal Communication Manager, G4S UK & Ireland

Our ‘traffic light system’ ensures all stages of the process, from newsgathering to print, are tracked and shared with clients. It means potential problems are signalled in advance and alternatives suggested.
Our project managers ensure that photoshoots are booked using one of our network photographers closest to the job, that print slots are available at the right time and, by working with experienced mailing houses, see that our publications are delivered to the right people at the right address wherever they are in the world.

But project management is not only about time.
It’s also about selecting printers that offer clients the best deal in terms of price, reliability, flexibility, quality and environmental accreditations.
And it’s about making sure the whole project is delivered on budget, with no nasty surprises only revealed when the invoice comes in.
If that all sounds like it adds up to one big headache then you’re right: it can be. But we make sure the heads that are aching are ours, and not yours.

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