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“I’ve got your front page,” said the local authority client’s HR director. “It’s about a new IT program that’s going to make people’s lives easier. I’ve got some screen grabs and you could use a photo of the IT team.”

She was right. The story did make the front page. But it was about an employee who, as a result of the new IT system, no longer had to work late. It meant he could get home in time to play in the garden with his young daughter. Above a picture of the pair throwing a ball to each other was the headline: Hello, I’m your dad.

All the hallmarks of good journalism are present in the writing. The messages are aligned to the aims of the organisation and this has been handled with a light touch and tone of voice that is right for the target audiences.- Judge’s comment from the 2013 IoIC Award of Excellence

Taking corporate messages and wrapping them up as human stories is at the heart of our multi award winning publications.

We bring to corporate journalism skills learned by our reporters and editors on newsstand publications, where knowing how to tell a story that people will want to read is the difference between success and failure as measured by those paying their hard-earned cash for a newspaper or magazine.

That experience also means our writers are quickly able to assimilate complex or technical subjects and are comfortable dealing with people from the shopfloor to the top floor.

Our readers range from retail assistants and security guards to aerospace engineers and geophysicists.

We write for clients whose products and services range from fighter jet engines at Rolls-Royce to selling frozen food at Iceland, from distributing building materials at Jewson to extracting oil and gas from hostile offshore environments at Centrica Energy. All are successful, all have highly-engaged workforces.

And their employees all have one thing in common: they want copy that is easy to understand, free of corporate and marketing jargon and answers that important question: “What does it mean for me?”

With skills learned on paid-for publications and honed in the furnace of corporate communications, out writers have the authority to champion plain English while getting copy signed off, coupled with the diplomacy that recognises the limits set by clients.

And when it comes to external analysis and comment we are experienced in finding and briefing those expert commentators who will bring an industry-wide perspective to your subject and, if desired, challenged the established views of your employees.

If you prefer to provide the words yourself, but perhaps lack experience of writing for a publication, then we can supply one of our senior writers to come along to your site and give a half day masterclass on the basics.

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